Is Drug Testing Helping Companies Get Better Employees?

EmployeesHow effective are pre-employment drug exams? It’s often a part of a company’s application process, so anyone who applies for a job at the company is required to be screened for alcohol/substance use. Even if the person is generally an excellent job candidate if they fail the screening they won’t be offered a position at the company.

It’s important to note that these screening methods can only be given when it’s allowed by local laws. There are cases when some regions of a country allow for such pre-employment screen exams, but others don’t. Make sure to research whether it’s allowed where your company operates to learn whether you can legally conduct such exams.

Types of Pre-Employment Screening Tests

If you learn that such exams are lawful in your region the next step is to determine what kind of testing your company will do. There are various types of exams. They include urine, blood, hair, saliva, and sweat tests. There are also breath alcohol tests if your company wants to test for both substances and alcohol.screening

In fact, it might be surprising how many different tests are available to screen job candidates for illegal substances. Before you launch a program, it’s important to do some research about the different types of tests, how accurate they are, the cost of each test, and so on. This will help to determine which type of screening your company wants to use since there are many options.

Pre-Employment Drug/Alcohol Screening Laws

Your company might want to screen potential hires for various substances and alcohol. In fact, in some cases local laws require substance testing as a part of the pre-employment process. In that case, your company is required to screen workers for substances before you consider hiring them. It’s important to find out if your region has such laws because it will help your company to develop a screening program that complies with various laws.

Another important issue is to determine whether your company wants to screen job candidates for illegal substances, or both drugs and alcohol. While the consumption of alcohol is technically legal your business might have rules/regulations about inebriation while on the clock.

Another issue is if someone is an alcoholic it could cause all sorts of problems if you hire the person. In fact, if they’re drunk when they apply for the job there’s a good chance that they have an alcohol problem that could affect their performance while working. That’s a situation you’ll want to avoid.

Accuracy/Reliability of Substance Testing

It’s also important to note that while substance screening is often accurate, it’s not an exact science. So it’s important to consider issues like the accuracy and reliability of the testing. One of the most important issues is the “window of detection.” That’s the time period that the substance can be picked up through tests. Make sure that your company determines the detection window it wants. That will help to determine what kind of substance testing you use.

This is an important issue for various reasons. For example, if the substance was taken during a time period outside the detection window some screening methods will create a “negative” result whether or not the applicant used the drug.

Different exams have different detection windows. It’s usually 1-4 days for saliva, blood, or urine tests. However, it’s important to note that there are several factors that could still affect the results. It’s an important issue to consider if you’re deciding whether or your company should use pre-employment drug exams and if so which ones it should use.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Drug Exams

The bottom line is that pre-employment drug exams aren’t Man holding bottlealways accurate but they can provide several benefits. In fact, those benefits can be for both the employers and the employees. This is true for both drug and alcohol abuse since the company and its workers have the same goals of keeping the work environment free from the dangers it can cause.

It might be surprising to learn that in the US alone about three-quarters of illicit substance users aged 18+ are working in companies. In fact, one US survey showed that three-quarters of illegal drug users even used the substances while they were on the clock. Not only that but up to one-quarter of all workers aged 18-40 would fail a drug exam on any given day.

Companies know that illegal substance use in their workplace can cause various problems. It affects various issues like safety, performance, and other factors. A 1996 survey showed that about 60% of workers knew people who showed up to work drunk or high. Not only that but Gallup survey showed that most workers said that substance use affects their daily work activities. So, both employers and employees are concerned about the issue.

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