Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine Review

Magnum Detox synthetic urine is exactly what it sounds like fake piss. Why would anyone need a product like this? Fetishes, health reasons, and practical uses aside, fake piss is most commonly used to help a person pass a drug test.

Most people have pre-employment drug screens while some might have ongoing random drug tests for their job. Fake pee allows you to continue living your lifestyle and keep your job by helping you pass these drug tests.

I have to disclose upfront that I’ve never used Magnum. When I first came across it, I was tempted to buy because it was cheap and you could get a lot of it. 6 bottles for the price of 1 from the leading fake pee, Quick Fix.

I figure that drug tests have been around a long time, so how hard could it be to make a fake piss that was cheaper? I mean, bread from the dollar store is bread for a dollar.

Bread from the grocery store is 3 times that. So, I didn’t want to judge the product because I’m usually willing to go for the cheaper stuff.

That is until I actually started reading reviews about Magnum. They are pretty horrible when you compare them to other products. The more I researched, the more questionable stuff I came across. Let’s talk about some of those concerns.

Instructions: How To Use Magnum Detox?

All instructions for fake piss are pretty much the same. They generally come in a container with a temperature strip on it so you can heat it to the right temperature. Some even come with heat pads that will keep the piss at the right temp for a few hours.

Here is a quick recap of the directions for Magnum that I came across:

  • Heat urine in microwave for 5 seconds at a time until it has reached between 90 and 100 degrees
  • Shake bottle well after heating to ensure there is no settling
  • Shake bottle well before using Magum Synthetic Urine
  • Flip up the spout on the cap and pour

They’re pretty easy and straightforward instructions right? One thing I noticed about these directions that struck me as odd is that they tell you to shake it twice. No other instructions from other products tell you to shake their product.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve come across tips that tell me to shake it to create foam or bubbles, which mimics the look of real urine. But it’s not necessary.

These instructions explicitly tell you to shake the bottle to avoid settling, which is a huge concern for me! If you have to keep it from settling before you pour it into the sample cup, what is keeping it from settling once it’s inside the cup?

NOTHING! The technicians may test the temp within minutes, but there’s no guarantee that they run it through their machine within minutes. Come on guys, get it together.

What are the Ingredients?

Magnum, like other fake urine brands on the market, is designed to imitate baseline urine levels. It contains creatinine and claims to be balanced for pH and specific gravity, which are all characteristics that the machines test urine samples for.

I came across some reports that say the levels of creatinine in this product go out of the range of what is usally found in urine after it’s heated up. Anytime the levels of creatinine are too low or too high will tip off the machine that your pee is fake.

If the creatinine gets too high after Magnum novelty is heated, the product becomes useless for passing drug tests. It looks like the makers need to go back to the drawing table and re-assess their formula on this one.

Sample Bottles

I also saw it sold online accompanied by a vial of uric acid that you’re supposed to mix in with the urine before you use it. But they mention NOTHING about it containing urea. Why does this matter? A while ago, drug tests caught onto the fact that some people were using fake piss for their drug tests, so they started to test for uric acid AND urea.

Maybe their little vial of uric acid powder has some hidden urea in it, but I doubt it. It’d be pretty damned important to include that information on their package, which they don’t. Their product keeps losing points. Even their directions threw up a red flag. I’ll tell you why below.

So, Does Magnum Synthetic Urine Work?

failed report

If you can’t tell already, I’m not a huge fan of Magnum and can’t recommend it to anyone with confidence. They market themselves as the affordable alternative to Quick Fix, but alternative products shouldn’t compromise too much on quality.

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Magnum guarantees their product, but the guarantee means they will replace your bottle free of charge. That’s not going to do you any good after you’ve already failed the drug test. Are you starting to see the problem here?

I also saw a lot of 200% and sometimes even 400% money-back guaranteed. You know what they say; If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I understand putting a guarantee behind your product, but it sounds like a scam once you start claiming you’ll pay out 4 times the amount for defects.

One retailer even stated they stopped carrying the Magnum brand because of a drop in quality and have switched to Quick Fix. It looks like their stuff isn’t holding up to any standards so make sure you don’t go down with them. You can check out our Quick Fix Plus review by clicking here.

Overall, there are reviews out there that say Magnum has worked for them but there are also a bunch that says it didn’t. It’s not just the number of negative reviews floating around about Magnum that keeps me from even considering it, it’s that the quality and integrity of their product seems to miss the mark way too often.

I’m not willing to take the gamble on it. Instead of the alternative, I’ll just stick with the standard, which is definitely Quick Fix. If you look at the reviews for Quick Fix, they are overwhelmingly positive and are a much more reliable product. So why take the unnecessary risk? Spend the extra few bucks to get Quick Fix simply because it works! 

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