Monkey Dong Review

Monkey Dong

Everybody likes to have a good time. Having a party on the weekends or after work shouldn’t be a problem, but there are so many workplaces with zero tolerance policies these days.

I mean, as long as you do your job right, is smoking some weed such a big deal?

The problem is, you never know when a surprise urine test is going to be sprung on you and you could lose your job.

Luckily for those of us who enjoy a good time, there is a legit way to pass a drug test using the Monkey Dong.

You might think this sounds dodgy, but trust me, the Monkey Dong works. With it, you can party hard all weekend and still pass that random piss test on Monday morning.

No need to just take my word on it though.

Let’s have a closer look at how the Monkey Dong can help you pass your drug test.

Why Would You Use A Fake Dong?

Ever since my teenage years, I have been a pothead. I partied my way through university and at the end of it, landed my dream internship. Usually, this is when people start to take things more ‘seriously, ’ but I definitely wasn't ready - in fact, I am still not ready for it!

I knew what would happen if I failed a urine test of course, but luck was always on my side. I never had to take one. By my mid-twenties, the consequences of a failed test became real. I couldn’t risk my job anymore, so I was going to have to give up the party life - or so I thought.

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After doing some intense online research, I came across the Monkey Dong. Basically, it is a fake penis that holds synthetic piss. It lets you pass any drug test without worrying about failing. Since then, it has saved my ass on multiple occasions, and I have never felt like it wouldn’t work.

This product is so easy to use and the fake pee will pass any urine drug test.

If you want to keep your party lifestyle and your job, this is for you. Keep one of these bad boys ready for a surprise drug test rather than risk losing your job.

I know it is hard to believe you can fool a piss test, but the Monkey Dong is easy to use.

Let’s break down how you use it without getting caught.

How to Hide The Monkey Dong

If you are anything like I was, you are probably skeptical about the Monkey Dong. But let me tell you it is easy to use and totally effective. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get out your Kit
  2. To get started, take out all the items in your kit including either the package of synthetic urine that is ready to use or some dehydrated synthetic urine. If you are rehydrating the fake pee powder, you will need a cup or other container for mixing it.

  3. Fill the bladder
  4. Before strapping the plastic bladder onto your body, you need to fill it. Included in your kit is a syringe. Follow the instructions on the pack about how much to put in. Overfilling the bladder could make it burst, but underfilling might not get you a full sample.

  5. Attach the heat pads
  6. Put the heat pads on the side of the bladder without the temperature strip. It takes about an hour to warm up the fake pee to the right temperature.

  7. Put the bladder on
  8. Strap the bladder to yourself. The underside of the bladder (the side with the temperature strip) needs to be against your body. The combination of your body heat and the heating pad will get the pee to the right temperature and keep it there..

  9. Connect everything up
  10. You are almost done. Using the included tubing, connect the bladder to the fake penis. It releases the liquid with a light squeeze to get the liquid into the sample cup. You can practice this step with water before your actual test.

As you can see, it is a simple process. I am no genius and have used the Monkey Dong just fine on more than one occasion.

Here are some common questions people have asked because it seems to be the same things that come up all the time!

Monkey Dong FAQ’s

Every time I tell a trusted friend about my discovery, they always have similar questions. Here are some of them:


Q: Can I practice with the Monkey Dong before the test?

A: You may be nervous, especially when using the product for the first time. You can definitely practice beforehand by filling the bladder with plain water and getting used to how it all works.

Q: Why do I need to put the bladder next to my body?

A: You will notice this is stated in the instructions and for a good reason. One way testers detect faked samples is by looking at the temperature of the urine. By keeping the synthetic urine next to your body, it will stay at a natural body temperature instead of being too hot or too cold.

Q: Can I use real urine instead?

A: If you can source a clean sample of urine to use instead of the synthetic stuff, then you can put it into the bladder for use. Of course, when not using the included synthetic urine, the company cannot guarantee the results.

This is a great product that works like a charm. No one I know has had a problem with the Monkey Dong. Are you ready to order one for yourself yet?

Here’s how to get the Monkey Dong without getting ripped off or getting a knock off.

Here’s How to Get Monkey Dong - The REAL Stuff

When ordering the Monkey Dong, you get everything you need in one package. Other lesser brands do not include the synthetic urine.

With the Monkey Dong, you get enough urine for two tests thrown in at no extra cost!

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For just $99.95, you can buy the peace of mind you need to pass that drug test and keep your lifestyle. To get your Monkey Dong, buy directly from the manufacturer.

Not only do they guarantee the best price, they always have stock that is fresh and not expired. With other online shops, you can get expired fake pee, knock offs or scammed.

The official manufacturer of Monkey Dong believes in this product so much they offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason.

Keep the Monkey Dong on hand, so you aren’t surprised by a drug test that pops up out of nowhere. Let’s take a final recap of what we’ve talked about.!


There’s no need to give up your preferred lifestyle because you have a good job you’re afraid to lose. With a small investment in the Monkey Dong, you can fool any urine test that is currently being used and enjoy your weekends worry free.

Our Verdict

Right now you have several options:

  1. You could try to make your own fake urine and delivery device, but unless you are skilled or very lucky, this could end in a disaster

  2. You could try and detox, but we all know this option has a good chance of not working and certainly won't be fun!

  3. Buying the Monkey Dong is the only option you can count on. It works for me every time and can for you too!

I was part of a closed FB group and below you can see one happy comment from a customer.

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You never know when the next random drug test will be and you do not want to be caught without any options.

Order directly from the manufacturer right now and get the best price and guaranteed quality on fake piss that will pass a piss test.

Click here to get Monkey Dong and pass your drug test now!

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