Quick-Fix Plus Synthetic Urine Review: Does this Product Actually Work?

We’ve all been there: You have just nailed down a new gig, or things are going fine at your current job. Then the news hits: Your boss wants a drug test. Cue the mad scramble. I’ve been there, so have my buddies. Have you?

Are you worried right now about getting a surprise drug test? Maybe you’re freaking out because you have one scheduled for Monday and you have no idea how you’re going to pass.

When employers spring surprise drug tests, they usually make you take the drug screening within 24 to 48 hours, so that you can’t flush drugs from your system. Not being able to pass a drug test quickly is a huge headache nobody wants to deal with.

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What are your options? If your plan is to get clean or detox, it means you need to stop having fun anytime you think you could get a drug test. Some drugs don’t leave your system for a month, so this option can be a huge bummer. A complete lifestyle change is not a strategy for everyone.

Another option is to borrow clean urine from a friend who doesn’t do any drugs, but the sample needs to be super fresh at the right body temperature. What do you put it in? How do you collect it from your friend? The friend method can be a huge mess.

The best method is using synthetic urine. You can buy a whole kit online that comes with everything you need, is affordable, easy, hygienic, and nearly foolproof.

Here’s why you need synthetic urine in your life.

What is Quick Fix Plus?

Quick Fix

The synthetic urine kit that I’ve passed drug tests with is Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Plus. It is a chill brand that sells “medical-grade” synthetic urine. Their fake piss is used to calibrate piss testing machines, so this synthetic urine is so good it is used by scientists and doctors to make sure their pee test machines are working.

If Quick Fix fake pee is similar to real piss that is used in labs, that means it’s some serious shit. Spectrum Labs QuickFix piss has all the chemicals that a drug test will screen for.

When you order Quick Fix, you get a guarantee that you will pass the drug test you’re worried about. It has all the chemicals found in female and male pee, too. If you’re a lady or know a lady who needs to pass a drug test, Quick Fix works for women too.

Synthetic urine is a clean, fake urine that is created completely in a laboratory from chemicals. It’s not human urine at all, but mimics human pee and can pass a drug test.

Quick Fix comes as a liquid, and all you need to do is pop open the cap, heat it in your microwave, and strap a heating pad onto it so it stays at natural body temp. The heat pads work for the next six hours. It’s really as simple as that.

But you can use Quick Fix for more than just drug tests - take a look:

What Can You Use it For?

Quick fix is perfect for passing drug tests because it is as close to human urine without actually being human pee. I’ve used it to pass many drug tests. There are other ways to enjoy it besides a clean drug test though.

If you’ve got a pee fetish, synthetic urine is a great alternative to real pee. No one involved has to worry about bacteria because Quick Fix is hygienic and clean. But using synthetic piss doesn’t have to ruin the mood because it looks like the real thing.

And we all have that guy in our friend group. You know the one I’m talking about. He’s the shithead who puts plastic wrap over your toilet bowl so your piss gets all over the bathroom floor. He’s the one who makes you take too many shots on Saturday night so you don’t know what the hell you did or why you have a random charge for $200 on your credit card.

Either let this guy know about Quick Fix Plus so he can plan his next shithead prank, or keep synthetic urine a secret to yourself so you can finally get him back by “peeing” on all his stuff.

Whatever you decide to do with it is none of my business.

Now let’s talk about how synthetic urine is made and how it works.

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How Does Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Work?

When you use Quick Fix synthetic pee to pass a drug test, one of the key points that some dudes forget about is that it has to be body temperature. If your piss just came out of your body, it wouldn’t be room temperature.

If you’ve ever accidentally gotten some splashback when you’re super drunk or something (not that that’s happened to me…) then you know piss is warm as hell.

You have to heat up the synthetic piss in the microwave to body temperature, and then you use heating pads to keep it warm throughout the day to be ready for your drug test.

You can also buy belts or leg straps to keep the synthetic pee bottle directly against your skin, also helping to keep it hot. Don’t get caught with cold piss! The bottle has a temperature gauge so you know the temp before you use it as your sample.

Quick Fix fools regular drug testing because it has all the chemicals that are in regular, real human piss that the tests screen for. And each batch is tested by QuickFix before being mailed to customers like you and me, so you can be sure you’re getting a perfect product. Labs nearly find it impossible to detect Quick Fix.

The last step of passing a drug test with fake pee is waiting for that clean result to come through, and then you’re golden (ha). Let’s go over how simple it is to use Quick Fix so I can really explain to you what I’m talking about when I say anyone can use synthetic piss.

Once you buy Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Plus, it’s delivered to your door in discreet packaging, so no one, not even the nosy mail dude, knows what’s inside. I recommend being prepared for a surprise drug test and keeping some on hand.

You can order in bulk, and the synthetic urine has a long shelf life, so that you can keep it around for a while just in case of surprise drug screenings. But there is also rush shipping offered, so if you find yourself in a sucky situation and time crunch, you can get the best synthetic urine to your door fast.

Once you open the QuickFix package, you’ll see that it comes with pre-mixed liquid urine and heating pads.

  • Open the lid on the synthetic urine and pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds. (Seriously, aren’t you so glad you’re doing this with safe and clean chemicals, and not putting your friend’s gross piss in your microwave??) You can also use one of the heating pads that came with the urine. Make sure to put the heating pad on an hour before you need to use the pee.
  • Whatever method you use to heat it up, you need to put the lid on and shake it up so the temp is the same throughout. You can heat it for more time if it isn’t right. Look at the temp reading gauge to see where it’s at. Then tape a rubber band or heating pad onto the bottle, which will keep it heated for the next six hours.
  • When it comes to the moment of truth, your drug test, you’ll want to give the bottle one more shake and then pour the contents into the urine sample collection cup. (Or use a synthetic urine belt, which will sound more like you’re peeing.)

That’s it. Super simple, huh?

Let me tell you why this synthetic piss works, and why it works better than a lot of other brands I’ve tested.

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What Are the Ingredients?

Drug testing labs are getting better and better at what they do. It’s getting harder to pass drug tests using fake urine, but QuickFix is such a good product it literally contains all the chemicals the drug test screen for.

It mimics real human piss so well, it is used to calibrate urine testing machines in labs. You can’t get closer to real pee than that.

The synthetic urine is pH-balanced, meaning that it has the right levels of acidity that the drug test lab will screen for. It also has the right specific gravity, meaning the density is the same as human piss. Another important chemical that drug tests screen for is the presence of creatinine, which Quick Fix has as well.

Every batch of Quick Fix is screened and tested by the company itself, so you’re guaranteed to get a solid batch, no matter what. Wouldn’t you like to know with 100% certainty before you walk into that drug testing facility what your results are going to be?

The last and most important ingredient in QuickFix is urea. Testing labs are getting savvy to ways people try to use fake urine samples, and urea is something that is only found in human urine — and QuickFix.

Some companies say their products have uric acid, which is not the same as urea. Quick fix even has ingredients that are the same across female and male pee so that it can be used by anyone in need.

OK, if you’re ready to pull the trigger on clean and lab-tested fake piss, I’ll tell you where to buy Quick Fix and where not to buy it.

Where Can You Buy Quick Fix?

If you’re looking for a discount on Quick Fix, the only legit discount is to order in bulk from the website. You can get a discount when you buy value packs. Buy three and get one free of the 2-oz or 3-oz packs.

It’s best to keep some on hand because you never know when you’ll get sucker-punched with a surprise drug test.

But beware of discounts on online retailers, like Amazon or eBay. Synthetic pee available on resale sites is not always legit. It’s bought by resellers in bulk, and the batches are usually bad or expired. Also many people are search on Google "Quick Fix Synthetic Urine store locator" looking for a nearby shop. Very rarely you will get the most up to date version so we would always advise purchasing online.

If you worry you got a bad batch, you can check the batch number right on the Quick Fix website. But why worry about that? Order straight from an authorized dealer of QuickFix, you know you’re getting a genuine product that won’t expire anytime soon. You can’t beat that.

If you buy online, you’ll get a better price and super easy and fast shipping. Quick Fix has plain packaging with a generic company name on the front, so your housemates or family won’t know what’s arriving for you in the mail. In fact, you may even forget yourself until you open it.

Let’s get to the final question of the day: Is synthetic piss right for your drug test situation?

So, Should I Use Quick-Fix?

Quick Fix Bottle

Now that you know basically everything you need to know about due to this QuickFix review, are you ready to get some synthetic urine to be prepared for your next drug test?

Some people never have to worry about taking drug tests, but most of us do. The next best thing we can do is be prepared. Don’t get caught off guard by a surprise test; I’ve had too many friends go through that stress.

If you have a fake pee kit on-hand and know how to use it, you’ll really never worry about taking a drug test again. That peace of mind is true freedom. If you have read other Quick Fix reviews, you will know this product is a winner.

Remember to be aware that there are some fake resellers on the market. If you buy Quick Fix urine products from any site other than directly from an authorized manufacturer, they’re probably going to be expired.

Don’t put your job at risk just to save a few bucks. It's very hard to recover from a failed drug test so please get the genuine product from an authorized dealer of QuickFix, and rest assured that you’ll crush your next drug test. Try it for yourself.

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