Ultra Klean Pure Synthetic Urine Review

Alright, dudes, let’s get to the bottom of it: Does Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine work?

I’ve been blindsided by my fair share of drug tests at work, so one day I got super motivated to buckle down, scour the internet, and figure out how to pass these things.

I went out and tested the top synthetic urines on the market.

Synthetic urine means fake pee, and it’s a great way to pass a drug test; because it’s clean (hygienic), made in a lab, and the companies can be pretty legit. But not all synthetic urine is created equally.

Ultra Pure is a lab-created synthetic urine and is used in labs to calibrate pee-testing machines. It has a lot of the same chemicals that are in real human piss, so it’s supposed to fool any drug test screening you have to pass.

Chemical Bottles

What are the Ingredients?

Ultra Klean comes with a little kit that contains everything you need to try to pass a drug test. There’s the fake piss obviously, a hand warmer, a flip top cap, a rubber band, and the instructions.

I looked at the ingredients to see how Ultra Pure synthetic urine compared to other brands I’d seen. Ultra Pure contains uric acid and creatinine. Creatinine is definitely something the drug screening will look for, so you need to have it.

As for uric acid, this one is a little bit more controversial. Some companies swear that this will cover for the presence of urea, which is a chemical you need to have to pass your drug test. But in my experience, urea and uric acid are actually two different things. In my home tests, uric acid by itself is not reliable in passing drug tests.

Ultra Pure fake pee is pH balanced and specific gravity balanced, which are two things drug tests look for. pH balanced means that it has the right level of acidity in it, and specific gravity refers to the density.

It’s scientific stuff, but those are the only chemical things you need to know to understand whether fake pee will work for you.

Instructions: How to Use Ultra Pure


If you’re trying to pass a pee test at work, most synthetic pee works pretty much the same. Here are the instructions to use Ultra Klean synthetic urine :

  • First, you have to open the bottle of fake pee and pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds to get it hot. Think about it: If pee is stored in your bladder, it’s going to be body temperature, not room temperature. Handing over room temperature piss is usually something that gets people trying to pass drug tests busted. Don’t let that be you.
  • Heat the fake piss up for about 10 seconds and check the temperature. If it isn’t between 94 and 100 degrees, you can pop it back in for another couple seconds, or wait to let it cool off if it is too hot.
  • When you take the fake pee sample out of the microwave, shake it up really good to get it all at an even temp. Make sure nothing has settled.
  • The next step to preparing your synthetic urine is to attach the heating pad with the rubber band to the bottle. You can’t risk letting the fake piss cool down on the way to the testing lab or while waiting to take the drug test. The heating pad will keep it warm for at least six hours if you’re keeping it close to your body, too.
  • Alright, the final hurdle: Actually handing over your fake pee sample at the lab. When it’s finally time to submit your pee sample, double check the temperature strip again to make sure the Ultra Pure synthetic urine is the right level, as it should closely mimic body temperature.
  • Pour it into the collection cup, but be careful not to empty out the whole thing. The testing technicians will be suspicious if you submit exactly three ounces of piss. Put in just a little less fake pee than you have.

That’s an overview of how to use Ultra Pure urine to try to pass a drug test, I’ll give you my finding on whether it worked or not below.

So, Does Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Really Work?

Now you should have a good understanding of Ultra Pure synthetic urine. You learned what kinds of chemical ingredients it contains and how closely those resemble human pee and the steps needed to prepare it for passing a drug test. Finally, I’m here to give you the final results of my study.


To be honest, I found that without urea, using this Ultra Pure synthetic urine to try to pass a drug test was a no-go. No urea in fake piss is a deal breaker. Even though Ultra Pure contains uric acid, it’s not the same thing, though some people will try to tell you that it is.

Trust me on this; you don’t want to leave it to chance whether or not you pass your piss test.

I did find one synthetic urine brand that guarantees urea in its products: Quick Fix urine. When I tested Quick Fix, it passed drug tests every time. It is top-rated and trusted by a lot of people too, so I felt comfortable using their company and taking the burden off my mind.

Quick Fix also has reasonable prices, so you’re not shelling out big bucks. You still get a trusted and reliable brand name. You can get discounts on bulk orders because it’s always better to have some fake pee on hand if you don’t know when the next surprise drug test is going to get sprung on you.

If you want to get top quality fake pee, you should really invest in Quick Fix.

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